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Want to Expand your Range?
Get 3 Powerful Techniques + Bi-weekly tips! All for FREE!

I work with bright and driven singers who have incredible potential

and a deep desire to perform

- like you!

The only problem is that you don’t have the proper technique to master your voice with absolute confidence.

Together, we help you master your own technique, eliminate your inhibitions and develop unshakable confidence
by giving you a strong and powerful sound that expresses what you soul has to say,

and allows you to give the ultimate performance, touching lives and hearts with you voice,
every time.


Do you:

  • Worry about what others think of your voice?
  • Feel limited by your range and can’t sing all the songs you love?
  • Worry that you don’t sound good enough?
  • Strain to hit certain notes?
  • Worry that the way you sing is harming your voice?
  • Want your voice to be stronger and more powerful?

Most performers wish they could improve their craft.
They have an incredible talent to share. They have been singing for some time, but they are just not getting the ultimate freedom with their voice they are yearning for – and it’s frustrating

Well friend, I have some news for you!

Take a deep breath
(preferably from your diaphragm)

  1. You’re not alone
  2. I know exactly what it’s like to badly want to do ANYTHING with you voice
  3. I am so excited about helping you get complete Vocal Freedom

What does this mean?

It means that you won’t have to focus on your technique while singing – you can simply:  


What if you could:

  • Give people goosebumps with your voice?
  • Sell out your next show?
  • Record your own album with incredible vocals?
  • Have people RAVING about your voice?
  • Change the world with one of your songs?


I bet you wish you could master your technique, and figure it all out on your own (I get it!). But (from experience) I can say that without the help of a skilled coach, you simply won’t get the focused coaching, knowledge, feedback and results that coaching brings. And you’re missing out!

Through my signature method based on:      The 4 Secrets to Successful Singing

 You will learn to:

  • Power your voice with your breath
  • Have a strong and solid sound that does not harm your voice
  • Achieve a full, rich and vibrant tone that is clear and has amazing carrying power
  • Significantly increase your range
  • Sing through your entire register in a way that is smooth, easy and flawless
  • Express your talent in your own unique way

So you that you can experience full Vocal Freedom

When you have power, control and full mastery of your technique, everything changes. When you find yourself singing through your registers flawlessly and hitting all of the notes with the same level of confidence, you’ll have the tools to reach your ultimate goals and make a career out of your singing (or just sing for the love of it).

When you can finally relax on stage and feel uninhibited, you have the potential to be the singer that people just can’t stop watching.

 Trust me.

I went from feeling awkward about my voice and never believing I could have the voice I dreamed of – to having nothing hold me back. I love it. It’s a gift. And I want you to have it too.


Don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what one happy singer had to say after our work together:

I saw fundamental shifts in my voice that I didn’t get any other way or with any other teacher. Before taking lessons with her, I had a much softer, more bare voice, it was always just lacking something to me and through working with Nadia, I finally was able to get that missing ingredient. I’ve taken lessons for years and was not able to get that.


Taylor Abrahamses

Singer, Songwriter

Bottom line:

My greatest gift is helping you to get the absolute best your voice has to offer and help you experience unshakable confidence on stage.


Who do I work with?
I work with aspiring professional singers, although my only requirement is this:
You show up with your voice, knowing that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about having fun, getting excited, working hard and getting to sing with more freedom and power! So, if you’re a beginner or intermediate singer, and you have what it takes to develop your voice, I will train you. 


Who do I not work with?
I enjoy all types of voices! When it comes to training however, I excel in teaching technique. For this reason, I do not work with singers who are not able to pitch match (this means that I play a note or sing a note and you sing it back. If you cannot match the note, you’re not able to pitch match). There is nothing wrong with this, and you can learn how! As I said though, it is not my ultimate gift, so I refer people to can’t pitch match to ear training teachers.  





What do you get with your lessons?


  • Weekly Lessons (4 per month)
  • Customized Weekly Training Plan: A training plan to maximize your training for the week.




  • Recordings to practice with: One new Recording every month
  • Accountability – If you like being held accountable, you can report on your practice sessions on an online system – to keep us both on the same page.


The Investment:


Join the semester program and get the following rates on your vocal lessons.


  • $239 per month for 4 – 30 minute weekly lessons
  • $319 per month for 4 – 45 minute weekly lessons
  • $379 per month for 4 – 60 minute weekly lessons

Are you a student? Ask me about my special rates for students.


Individual lesson rates:


  • $110 per 60 minute lesson



Sounds Good? Here’s how you start:

—->  Vocal Profiling:  

A unique 45 minute analysis that will tell you everything you want to know about your voice and your potential, AND let you see if you like my style. 


Here’s what one student had to say about his analysis:

“I learned more with you in 60 minutes than I have in my whole life”

                                                          John M.



Here’s how you can work with me

Still have questions? Get more on info