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In this talk, I deconstruct complex principles about the voice and make them easy to understand so that you walk away with everything you need to know about making your singing successful. These elements are essential and I can’t wait to be sharing them with you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. I’m going to give you the core understanding of healthy breathing. If you’ve  ever felt like you just weren’t breathing properly… OR all of the terms were confusing to you –  OR you don’t even know where to begin, then you NEED to have this understanding and I’m confident it will really serve you.


2. I’m going to share the number one technique you must have if you want to have a strong and powerful sound, and do it in a way that does not harm your voice.


3. Next, I will tell you the secret about achieving a full, rich and vibrant tone that is clear and has amazing carrying power. Ironically, this is one of the things that many singers miss, and it’s very important.


4. Finally, I’m going to resolve the mystery about why it can be so difficult to sing through your entire register, up and down – so from very low to very high notes and back down .. in a way that is flawless, smooth and easy. I’ll also tell you about what it takes to increase your range and gain access to mastering your entire voice, from top to bottom.


 Now really, this doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you have been singing for years. Learning how to use your voice, with a complete and clear understanding of how it works, will give you the tools you need to master it.


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 “This has given me the confidence to move forward! Easily the best thing I’ve done for my voice!”

John M.


“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn to sing. I immediately noticed changes with my voice”

Daniel Salij


“I feel I have developed an understanding on all the different aspects of singing, and the atmosphere was very comfortable and open.
I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested!”

Sue Hollingsworth