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I work with a small number of driven and passionate singers for one on one coaching!

I run a tight show. That means that if you’re ready for ‘take off’ you’ll want to  check in with these next few things before we begin:


  1. Commitment: You understand that vocal training doesn’t take just a few days (although that would be sweet). You’re committing to a monthly plan, which means that we’ll really kick some ass. Not sure? You can first start out with a Vocal Profiling Session to see if it’s a good fit. After this, the minimum is one month and you can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, we have another 30 days of work together to finish up.
  2. You’re going to work: Nothing works unless YOU work. You would still see major improvements from our lessons alone, but you will see even more progress by practicing, and who wouldn’t want those kinds of results? You agree to practice a minimum of 3 times per week – I’m bringing my A game and you should too.
  3. It’s not always easy peasy: You understand that even though you’re going to see major breakthroughs on a regular basis (most students see breakthroughs every lesson), you’re training requires focus. I will be there to cheer you along and help you every step of the way, and you agree to come to each lesson ready to gave a seriously good time and stay focussed!


Boom! Are you ready? If this isn’t you, then not to worry at all!

Who do I work with?
I work with a lot of aspiring professional singers, although my only requirement is this:
You show up with your voice, knowing that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about having fun, getting excited, working hard and getting to sing with more freedom and power!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Weekly Lessons (4 per month)
  • Customized Weekly Training Plan: A training plan to maximize your training for the week.


  • Recordings to practice with: One new Recording every month
  • Accountability – If you like being held accountable, you can report on your practice sessions on an online system – to keep us both on the same page.

The Investment:

Join the semester program and get the following rates on your vocal lessons.

  • $239 per month for 4 – 30 minute weekly lessons
  • $319 per month for 4 – 45 minute weekly lessons
  • $379 per month for 4 – 60 minute weekly lessons

Individual lesson rates:

  • $110 per 60 minute lesson

To get started:



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