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You have the talent and a burning desire to sing, but you struggle with your technique

… hitting the high notes, singing smoothly through your registers, and your voice is not as strong, full and clear as you’d like it to be. You worry that you don’t sound ‘good enough’ and you get nervous when singing in front of others. You feel limited. Not fully free while singing.

You don’t want to ever have to worry about how you sound.
All you want is to truly enjoy singing and be able to do anything you want with your voice. You need someone to show you how.

Well, you’re in the right place my friend! That’s my specialty.


I’m Nadia Hosko, a singer and vocal coach and my passion is helping other singers master their technique and develop unshakable confidence using my signature training:

The Vocal Freedom Method

I have spent over 15 years training my voice, starting with a love for singing from a very young age (I sang while I worked at school – and yes, my classmates eventually told me to keep it down!)
That’s right, I didn’t make pure magic with my voice when I first started singing. I started out with very little technical ability… and I had to work at it – hard. I remember going to my first vocal lesson and having the vocal coach tell me: ‘Just feel it” (Um, what?) I’d try hard, really hard, to really feel it. But it didn’t change how my voice sounded.  I’m a big supporter of emotional presence on stage, but that was the beginning of years of vocal classes and frustration. I had some good coaches, but I never felt like I was progressing fast enough and no one ever explained to me what we were doing, what my weaknesses were or how were going to reach my dream.

So, fast forward a bit

So many things have changed for me – I went through a full music degree as a vocal major in a renowned jazz program, had a fully diagnosed vocal condition and had to stop speaking for a full month (more on that adventure below) and then went on a full out mission to find the best techniques to train my voice.

As a result

I went from being able to sing straight tone only, with no ability to project or sustain notes and a very limited range – to confidently singing vibrato, with full resonance, breath control, proper tone production, increased range and I gained full flexibility to sing in all parts of my voice with confidence and ease.

And best of all – I no longer perform or practice with nasty buzz kill thoughts in my head – you know the ones: “Am I good enough? Do I sound ok? Oh no, here comes that high note”.  I feel confident with my singing and my voice.

Now, I don’t share this with you to brag, I share it because I want you to know something:

If I can do it, you can do it too

My journey was long and hard and it has made me a better coach. From years of training and research, I discovered and formulated:

The 4 Secrets to Successful Singing


  • a philosophy that demystifies the 4 key technical ingredients that singers need to have full control of their voices. From this, I created The Vocal Freedom Method, a full training system to effectively and rapidly train the voice. When we meet, I create your Vocal Profile, a map of how your voice is functioning in these four key areas.

Based on this, I hear exactly what’s going on with your voice and create a focussed plan that deliver results.  I know how to help you master your own voice because I learned to do it myself.  And I can teach it to you.

Shall we get started?

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Want to hear more?

The Coles notes
Enter the long winding road that is my life:  Open mics and songwriting as a teen, four years of jazz school as a vocal major, a diagnosed vocal condition indicating that after years of training with coaches, I’m still not using my voice properly.

I go to a leading E.N.T. for singers such as Celine Dion, Mick Jagger and Lionel Ritchie, and get sent to an incredible speech pathologist and singing voice therapist. I then go through speech therapy and major training to rehabilitate my voice, with lots of frustration and extensive searching to find the absolute best jedi tricks for the developing my voice so that I could command it like a rockstar. This was the beginning of the Vocal Freedom Method.

What I learned solidified my technique and gave me the control over my voice that I longed for. I overcame ‘muscle tension dysphonia’ – a condition that causes pain in the throat from improper use of the voice, and I trained with celebrity coaches from L.A., San Francisco, New York and Toronto.
I worked to overcome my challenges and came out of it with a crystal clear understanding of the voice and how to master it.

I’m left with the 4 Secrets to Successful Singing, the foundation of my teaching and Vocal Freedom Method – a full system to coach singers to greatness.

Still waiting?

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Who I really am  (The non-business’ey stuff)
I light up at the thought of growing my spirit while helping others – having deep connections, a continuously evolving understanding of the world around me, and creating space for excitement when fear of the unknown creeps in – usually while taking giant steps forward (into said unknown)! I love dancing, deep belly laughs, long days in nature and ice cream.   IMG_2609

Frequent smiler, Salsa dancing lover, Incurable beach’aholic, Occasional meditator, All-day dreamer…

I look forward to bringing love, creativity and goodness to the world.